An exercise in Haiku. 

A couple of months back,  I was talking with my “brother from another mother” and fellow word-nerd, Sean. Then this happened.

“Haiku us?” He said.
“It will be fun!” He said.
These poems followed.

“Haiku us?” He said.
That he had unleashed a beast
He understood too late.


Twitter and blog posts,
became best friends in time.
You’re stuck with me now.

Trans-Pacific flight.
That first hug was amazing.
Adoption followed.

No day is complete
Unless we’ve talked together
Thank God for Yahoo!

“You’re sweet,” he answered.
“I mean every word,” I said,
We both know it’s true.

People think we’re weird.
Jealous of our friendship,
They want one like it.

You are my brother now.
My promise was not thoughtless,
With you ’til the end.
Sean seemed very pleased with my efforts, so I continued to answer him in Haiku:

Plans today? Not much.
I have some papers to grade.
Then, I think I’ll read.

Would it annoy you
If I only spoke haiku
For an entire day?

After folks caught on
I guess it might not be long
Before I got punched.

Sean says I’m a loon
But I do not make duck face
In selfies online.


Sean returned with this:

What have I done now?
She is going mad, and how.
A monster she is.


So I responded with:

You may regret your folly.
Haiku monster wins.


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