For Meegan: Happy Birthday. 

My friend Meegan turns 40 today. 

She’s a woman of incredible strength, love and loyalty.

Because I think the world of her, I wrote a poem in her honour: 

She’s strong when she is weak
And she turns the other cheek
When something or someone messes up her day,
But she never will forget
Anyone who gladly lets
her down or hurts her badly in that way.

She’s weak when she is strong
And it doesn’t take her long
To find a silver lining in a cloud,
She’s an HSCT survivor
And she always goes one higher
Than anything that tries to bring her down.

She’s a mother and a lover,
And there’s no-one else above her
In the eyes of her man and her gorgeous kids,
Her friends think she’s amazing
And she says herself she’s crazy,
But she’s proud of nearly all the things she did.

She’s a living inspiration
With her sheer determination
And her desire to make the world a better place;
She has lost and she has gained,
Lived through joy and suffered pain,
And she lives to tell the story, by God’s grace. 


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