Her Light Burns Brightly.

Strong, resilient, like no other
Fighter, defender, lover, mother,
Teacher, leader, inspiration,
Backbone of a generation.
Of a kind, yet individual,
Shrugging off the chains residual
That remain from eons past,
Smashing ceilings made of glass.
She honours mothers, sisters, aunts,
Who fought to give her every chance
To vote, to lead, to work, to win,
To overcome history’s sins.
Her light burns brightly: in her wake
Are those she has inspired to take
The future into their own hands,
On their own terms, not those of man.


©2016 Joanne Van Leerdam


This poem was written in honour of every woman who has helped to blaze the trail for those who follow her. It is published here in honour of Women’s History Month, March 2017.
It is one of 22 poems included in ‘Stained Glass’, a collection of poems for and about women, celebrating the resilience and strength of women in a world that requires a great deal of both.

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