New Release: Stained Glass.

Many people have responded so positively to the poems I’ve been posting on #International Women’s Day and during Women’s History Month that I’ve decided to put them in a collection with some of my other poems about women’s lives and experiences. I’ve just released it as an eBook titled ‘Stained Glass’.

Promo Stained Glass Cover

‘Stained Glass’ is a collection of 22 poems for and
about women, by a woman who is striving to live,
love, work and make sense of the world she lives in.

‘Stained Glass’ is poetry that reflects the light and shade of life, and all the colours in between.

The poems celebrate the strength and extraordinary resilience of women through the exploration of diverse issues, including love, loss, social expectations, self-awareness and personal integrity.
In rare moments the glass is rose-coloured; elsewhere, the window is astonishingly clear.
There are 7 brand new poems in this collection.
Some of these poems – roughly one-third – are in ‘Leaf’, and others – another third – are in ‘Nova’.
Included are poems from this blog: Stained Glass and Bitter Pill. Her Light Burns Brightly rounds off
the collection with a tribute to all the women who have blazed trails – and those who still do – for those who follow after them and benefit from their legacy.
‘Stained Glass’ will be permanently priced at 99c, and is available on AmazoniBookskobo and other digital stores.

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