An Autumn Evening In The Rain

2017-05-25 17.55.52-1

Isolated in the deepening darkness
Of a rainy late-Autumn evening,
I find myself completely at ease,
Relishing the beauty of the moment.
Watching the raindrops as they
Chase each other down the window,
Listening to the gentle percussion
Of the rain on the roof of my car,
I linger, protected and concealed
In my cocoon of steel and glass:
An observer unobserved,
Part of the streetscape yet set apart
From everything and everyone outside.
Crestfallen leaves drift and congregate
In corners and gutters, their spirits dampened
By the steady, soaking rain.
Street lights illuminate the amber trees,
And sparkle minutely in the tiny
Kaleidoscopic prisms on the glass.

©2017  Joanne Van Leerdam


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