Promo X Blind


What good are ideas and reasons
When confronted with a closed mind?
Even one’s own eyes are useless
When they insist on being blind.
The most carefully chosen words
Can fall on wilfully deaf ears
Despite the insights they can give
To anyone who willingly hears. 
The lessons here are simple:
Live humbly, and learn all you can –
Life is too short to choose ignorance
When wisdom makes you a better man.
©2017 Joanne Van Leerdam
img_3407This poem and fifty others are now published in a new collection: The Passing Of The Night.

4 thoughts on “Blind.

  1. Brilliant commentary. The kind of willful rejection understanding… this determined rejection of science… the bare bald rejection truth is only fueling the divisions in our societies. It is creating a deafening cognitive dissonance that must, sooner or later, either drive us all to madness and extinction, or finally drive us to see and correct the errors now being denied. Well penned.

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