Plea for Equality

Who ever died from an open mind?
Or suffered because of equality?
Why should different people be denied
The same rights enjoyed by you and me?
What could you possibly stand to lose
By accepting someone else as you find them?
Where harm can befall you if you choose
To put the darkness of hatred behind them?
You’re not perfect either, you know,
But advantage has blinded you to it:
Why not take this opportunity to grow
And become stronger and wiser through it?
What do you fear, my closed-minded friend,
From giving to others their freedom?
Will the sky fall? Will the world end?
God forbid, it might change how you see them!
©2017 Joanne Van Leerdam
img_3407This poem and fifty others are now published in a new collection: The Passing Of The Night.



2 thoughts on “Plea for Equality

  1. A note from the poet:

    This poem was written during the Australian government’s debates on legalising same-sex marriage in Australia.

    While I’m not gay, I have family and friends who are. Not all of them want to marry. Not all of them are “out”. 
    None of that is actually the point.
    Nor is it about religion or tradition.

    For me, this is an issue of equal rights and freedoms for all members of Australian society. 
    Who am I to deny to someone else a civil right that I fully enjoy for myself?

    If you don’t agree with gay marriage, don’t get one. 
    But please, don’t tell someone else they can’t have what you’ve got simply because they’re different than you. 
    It’s quite simple, really. 

    PS. Any hateful comments will be deleted. Those who write them will be blocked. 
    Each is welcome to their own opinion, but this is my blog. 

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