Deadly Sins

Promo Nova Deadly Sins Plain

Withdrawal’s talons bite my flesh,
She devours me with emptiness;
Her fiery lust within my veins
Tortures me with searing pain.

Gluttony for the fix I crave
Drives my soul, consumed, depraved
By Addiction’s grasp upon my life,
To satisfy my heart’s desire.

Dawdling, desrisive, indolent,
Slothful Time scorns such dependence
And weakness in the one who waits
For endless hunger to abate.

Cornered by conspiring vices,
The need within me sacrifices
Pride and conscience, dignity:
The victims of depravity.

But as they circle for the kill,
One by one, they all fall still:
A smudgy, feeble shard of light
Breaks through the darkness of the night,

The ruby beam of hope reborn
Silently heralds the imminent dawn.
Light-shy, my predators shrink away
As first hint of morning saves their prey.

©2016 Joanne Van Leerdam

This poem is published in Nova.

Promo Nova Cover 2nd Final eBook with awards copy



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