Living in Babylon.


Thrown into the den of the lion
With a predator beyond hunger;
I walk each day in the blazing fire
Greedy and roaring like thunder;
Yet these are no more dangerous than
The prosecutor’s accusation,
My life is held in those very hands
That desire my humiliation.
While there are many flagrant outlaws
Who never pay for their rebellion
I am the one hauled before the judge,
Indicted, convicted: a hellion.
Although I protest my innocence
Among the belligerent rabble,
My protestations are overwhelmed
By the accuser’s angry babble.
My sin is bold nonconformity,
In standing out among the many;
They care not for integrity
Perhaps because they haven’t any.
My only true standing conviction
Is one they will never understand:
There is a higher jurisdiction
Than the cruel tyrant who rules this land.
Despite the living hell I endure,
I have no choice but to believe
That the reign of fear must end soon
And I shall win my reprieve.

©2017 Joanne Van Leerdam


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