Sidewalk Closed Construction Urban Road Closed

Road closed.
The sign glares,
Arrogant, unfeeling,
Daring me to challenge
Its authority.

It doesn’t care
Where I want to go
Or what is on my to-do list.
Deaf to my muttered protests,
Defiantly mute in response,
It stares me down,

My priorities outranked,
Yet believing I might still have some choice
I concede—
There must be a way to
Get around the roadblock.
With map in hand,
I consider my options
Before choosing an alternate route.
The scenery may be different
Along that low and winding road
But it will get me there

Another sign,
Another diversion
From what matters.
Destination out of reach
Yet again.

My wheels spin in the dirt
Whining, screeching,
Surrounded by a cloud of protest
Billowing with dust and anger,
Getting closer to nowhere
As time blares its horn behind me
And life shakes its fist,
Both yelling at me to get out of the way.

©2018 Joanne Van Leerdam


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