The Burning Question

The teacher placed the stack of papers on the table and addressed the class. 
“Thank you for your essays. Are there any final burning questions?”

Most deliberately avoided her gaze, but one girl raised her hand, initiating a chorus of groans.


“Why do you always wear black?”

Insolent laughter erupted around the classroom.

The teacher nodded. “Fair question. It’s camouflage for my sense of humour— or my soul. You choose.”

She shrugged, and the collected papers behind her burst into flames then powdered into ashes.

She smiled at their silence. “Perhaps you’ll all be more respectful from now on!”


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  1. Reblogged this on WordyNerdBird and commented:

    I love writing creepy stories.

    Sometimes I enjoy building the tension slowly, and other times I like to go for a quick twist.

    Today’s drabble was inspired by a question asked by one of my own students: Why do you wear so much black? And it was, indeed, a fair question.

    The rest of this story is entirely fictional, but I had fun writing it.


  2. WOW!!! I love this! I often wish I could create this kind of magic for people who are bullies or just bad natured people and who never have anything good to say about anything. Perhaps their tongues could catch on fire, or swell up until all they could do would be to croak like a frog! Now I would LOVE that!!!

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    1. I think you would love my Friday stories in Curious Things and Curious Times. Friday is a magical black cat with a killer sense of justice… and horrible people don’t fare well in his presence.

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