Letting Go.

Image: ©2020 Joanne Van Leerdam

You held my hand for so long
Or was it just me holding onto yours?
Somewhere, in a sleight of hand,
Familiar affection transformed into
Holding on for dear life,
Interlocking fingers
Exchanged for a rescue grip.
I beg you to hang on, to not let go,
I pray for the strength I lack
To pull you back from the edge, 
For just a little more time with you,
And for the courage to be what you need;
But you slip from my arms— 
Whether by choice or the power of gravity, 
I shall never know—
And I watch, helpless and alone,
As you fall gently into yesterday
Where I must leave you.
I wipe my last goodbye from my eyes
And hope that when my time comes
A gentle hand will hold mine
Until I, too, must fall. 

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